The Face Behind Nail Envy MK 

Hi Everyone, I'm Nikki. 

I thought I’d give you to opportunity to see the face behind the website :) 

I have been a qualified nail artist for 15 years and my passion for nails has evolved into me to becoming a product supplier too.

My aim is to be able to provide affordable, professional and amazing products to other nail technicians. Everything you find on this site I personally use on my own clients. I also personally pot up and label all of Nail Envy MK products... I am basically always covered in Glitter.... but I LOVE it

If you have any questions regarding products, nail art advice or want a little advice please do not hesitate to email me on I will always try my hardest to reply as soon as I can between clients and orders :)

Thank you in advance for choosing Nail Envy MK x

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