GET BUFFED PRO - Oksana. The perfect angle/oblique brush for one stroke with acrylic paint. Or this brush can be used as a clean up tool around the cuticle with cleanser.The brush handle is pink and has a lid for protection. Brush Care - please make sure you clean your new Get Buffed Pro brush with 100% iso-propyl alcohol before using your brush for the first time and then after each use. This will remove any residual product in your brush, otherwise the hairs will stick together.As your Get Buffed Pro brush is handmade, sometimes there are hairs which are slightly misplaced. You can remove the hairs that are out of place by trimming them with fine nail scissors one by one. Seperate the hairs very carefully and then trim them as close to the ferrule as possible. Be careful to only trim one hair at a timeand see how it looks before continuing.

Get Buffed Pro - Oksana One Stroke/Angled Brush