Scent Profile: Floral
Intensity: 5/5
Vibe: Feminine, romantic & velvety

Anything from the dry weather to frequent hand washing can do a number on our cuticles... So it’s only right to give them a little TLC. Meet your new cuticle saviours. TPG desk oils are the perfect way to add a spa-quality treatment to the end of your nail services and offer long lasting hydration. 

TPG’s luxe formula is rich, yet feels light, is fast absorbing and never greasy. Essential for nail health, the oil is absorbed directly into the matrix and penetrates quickly and deeply to lock moisture into the nail plate... Building strong, flexible nails and helping with the longevity of a manicure by preventing chipping, cracking and lifting. Perfectly safe to use after TPG gel application, our oil will never cause lifting or dulling. 

Jojoba Oil - ‘The Super Skin Softener’ 
Forms a protective barrier 
Helps skin retain moisture 
Light but extremely hydrating 
Antibacterial & Anti-inflammatory 

Vitamin E - ‘The Free Radical Fighter’ 
Powerful Antioxidant 
Fights free radicals (the bad guys) and protects the skin from pollution that can damage our skin
Supports nail health 
Highly moisturising 

Vitamin B - ‘The Powerhouse’ 
Improves skin texture 
Super hydrating 
Decreases redness (ideal for nail biters/pickers) 
Restores skins moisture barrier 
Antioxidant rich 

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: At the end of a manicure or nail service, choose your scent and apply a small amount to each nail. Gently massage into the surrounding skin to stimulate blood flow and encourage healthy nails and soft skin. Apply sparingly - a little goes a long way! 

Rose Cuticle Oil